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Hi << Contacts First Name>>,

Thank you for making the decision to proceed with Best Practice Software.

We have issued your invoice in a separate email.

Please ensure when making payments electronically you use the INVOICE NUMBER or SITE ID as a reference.

All payments are non-refundable.

Please see your invoice for payment options.

To get you started using Bp Premier please find below a 30 day activation key.

Once payment has been received for this invoice, you will receive your full activation code for the duration of your subscription. (Note – Converting Sites Only – please pay your full subscription after the live conversion has been completed successfully.  Please ensure your live conversion is completed within the first 30 days.)

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Clinic Id:   {Account(Opportunity)} –  {Trading Name(Account (Client))} 
Expiry:  {Licence Expiry(Opportunity)}

  Included in Subscription Included in Key
Full Time Doctors{Total Sub Full Time Drs(Opportunity)}{Total Key Full Time Drs(Opportunity)}
Part Time Doctors{Total Sub Part Time Drs(Opportunity)}{Total Key Part Time Drs(Opportunity)}
Allied Health Professionals{Total Sub AHPs(Opportunity)}{Total Key AHPs(Opportunity)}
Casual Doctors{Total Sub Casual Drs(Opportunity)}{Total Key Casual Drs(Opportunity)}
Locums 2 2
Bp Management Included: {Bp Prem Management(Opportunity)}
Licence Key for Versions
(Summit, Lava & Indigo)
 {License Key Truncated(BPS.CRM.Workflow.CreateBpLicenceKey)}
Licence Key for Versions
(Indigo SP1, Jade and above)
{License Key(BPS.CRM.Workflow.CreateBpLicenceKey)}

IMPORTANT NOTE – If your key fails to validate please check the following

  • Please ensure you have no spaces before of after this key when copying and pasting
  • Please ensure you are entering the appropriate key for your software version

Click Here for instructions on how to update your licence.

By installing, copying or otherwise using Bp Premier, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in our End User Licence Agreement. Please Click Here to view the Best Practice Software End User Licence Agreement (EULA)

If we can assist further, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 401 111 or email at sales@bpsoftware.net.

Best Practice Sales Team