Spring Has Sprung – It’s Time For a Security Spring Clean!

Is It Time For a Security Spring Clean In Your Practice?

In 2019, Best Practice Software introduced the Bp Partner Network. The number one driver for this initiative was to improve secure access to Bp Software databases at our customer’s practices – for their safety and security and in turn, for the safety and privacy of their patients.

Since 2019, we have onboarded over 100 integrated third-party software solution vendors as Partners and we have worked hard to ensure they are businesses with appropriate privacy policies in place. Furthermore, Best Practice Software has activated role-based secure access mechanisms to ensure onboarded Partners only access the data and tables necessary to fulfill their permitted purpose. That is, they don’t have access to data, tables or write-back stored procedures not relevant to the task they perform.

How To Configure a Third-Party Integration At Your Practice:

  1. Open Bp Premier.
  2. From the main screen navigate to Setup > Configuration. The Configuration window appears.
  3. Click Database from the left hand menu and then the Setup third-party integrations button. The Setup third-party integrations window appears.
  4. Use the Search for text box to find the third-party provider.
  5. Check the box next to the third-party provider.
  6. Click Save. The third-party software will now be able to connect to the Bp Database.
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Do You Have Third-Party Applications No Longer In Use?

Have you changed third-party providers through the year?

Take a moment to deep clean your third-party applications with a security spring clean! To maintain the highest level of security and performance, it is just as important to off-board third-party applications no longer in use. If you are not sure what an application is or does, please check in with your IT provider or System Administrator first as they may have configured the integration for the practice.

You can offboard applications by revisiting the configuration process outlined above, offboard unused Partner applications by unticking the Partner applications no longer in use and press save. Please also consider removing the un-used software from the workstation and/or server.  Your IT provider or System Administrator should be able to assist you with this.

Want To Learn How to Add Value To Your Practice Through Integrated Third-Party Applications?

For a comprehensive list of approved Bp Partners, including insights into the Product and Services they provide, visit the Bp Partner Network website.

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