Global Health


ReferralNet is the go-to secure messaging platform to exchange sensitive clinical information across the healthcare industry. With a simple pay as you go business model, users are easily set up in minutes, with no install or support fees. Try for a month free of charge, and experience the savings.

There are no limits on the format in which data can be transmitted. Healthcare providers can use ReferralNet to securely send and receive health-related information with other medical professionals or organisations. This includes referrals, specialist reports, results, discharge summaries, event summaries, voice notes, letters, images, photos, videos, raw PDF, and other HL7 documents.

The ReferralNet address book is synchronised to give users instant access to all other healthcare professionals in the ReferralNet and Argus networks, with features allowing for the customisation of sent and received notifications.

Secure messaging enhances clinical decision-making, by minimising transcription errors and providing access to more complete and timely information. Digitising data and practice workflows will significantly improve business productivity, reduce the costs of paper-handling and eliminating the need for re-keying data.

  • Send/receive referrals, discharge summaries, diagnostic requests & results
  • Secure Message Delivery Compliant
  • High-security PKI encryption
  • Inbuilt alerts and activity reports
  • Interactive address book


HotHealth is an online engagement platform to assist users with telehealth and video conferencing capabilities, building brand awareness, engaging clients online, and expanding network reach. Now more than ever, clients expect to be able to engage with businesses anytime, anywhere.

HotHealth is a user-friendly platform (for both healthcare provider and patient), allowing users to connect effortlessly with clients via the branded website, online appointment bookings and video conferencing, enabling an exceptional service experience. An online presence builds trust and credibility which allows businesses to attract new clients or better interact with current clients.

Accessible via an app or desktop, HotHealth has the tools to schedule classes and events, list products and services, make payment online and publish articles and updates, all from a single platform.

HotHealth gives users an online, convenient experience, freeing up time to focus on business. Getting started is simple with a monthly subscription. Users are easily set up in minutes, with no install or support fees. Try for a month free of charge.