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AUSSIE MEDICOS is a comprehensive online medical administrative and management servicing platform that incorporates a multitude of medical related services that encompasses the provision of an Appointment Booking System (‘Facet 1’), Telehealth (‘Facet 2’) and Medical Professional Development & Networking (‘Facet 3’) which are digitally synchronised and synthesised to transpire only essential and relevant data and information via the form of a website and mobile app that is compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act).

AUSSIE MEDICOS is based on a vision of a Specialist GP, Dr. Edward Soloman who is the founder of a leading GP group in Western Australia – Jupiter Health and Medical Services Group. The vision of Aussie Medicos: To create a comprehensive medical world by bringing together the health community on a global level via advanced technology with user-friendly digital capacity in order to sustain successful partnership and collaborations that is unmatched in provision of quality patient care with approachable services that are convenient, easily accessible and affordable for everyone – The world is the limit!

AUSSIE MEDICOS is compatible with Bp Premier. The project development starts with the introduction of Facet 1 – Appointment Booking System and Facet 2 – Telehealth.

 AUSSIE MEDICOS service provision integrates well with Bp Premier which includes:

  • Bookings – patients book via website or mobile app
  • Telehealth – patients book a telehealth consults via website or mobile app with prompts on Medicare telehealth requirements and private Telehealth consultations.
  • Reminders – appointment reminders via SMS
  • Recalls – clinical reminders and results via SMS
  • New Patient Registration – new registration done via website or mobile app by filling in an incorporated e-Form, which integrates with the clinic’s Best Practice BP Premier software program via notification
  • Patient Contact Update – patients’ contact details updated via website or mobile app by filling in an incorporated e-Form, which integrates with the clinic’s Best Practice Bp Premier software program via notification

These services based on Dr. Soloman’s vision seek to achieve efficiency in medical practices, that will not only be time saving, user friendly and cost effective, but operates in a seamless manner too.

The project on the company’s vision will advance to a more complete all-in-one servicing platform when Facet 3 – Medical Professional Development & Networking is implemented.

The complete servicing platform looks to work collaboratively for the ease of use and networking for patients and medical professionals, minus the complexity, which is very important in today’s digital world.