A Day in the Life of an Online Training Specialist…in Isolation

The commute into the home office is a very short one and frankly, I’m not sure trying replicate my local coffee shop in my kitchen is entirely worth it, but I’m caffeinated and ready to join my team for a day of online training at 8:00am sharp.

The small talk and chit-chat that would always serve to start my day has been replaced with tenuous negotiations with my dog for ownership of the comfy office chair. I don’t want to be that co-worker, so we meet in the middle, and share it.

Once logged in for the day, the first port of call is to work my way through the online training team email inbox, and to respond to the enquiries that are eagerly waiting for me. Recently, these emails have become even more of a mixed bag than usual. There are constant changes to MBS items and eligibility, new software features geared towards COVID-19 through the Bp Partner Network, along with the usual onslaught of industry news and updates to digest.  After replying to a few emails, I make a few phone calls to customers – it’s important to find the right online training product on a schedule that best fits. Then it’s time for a coffee break – just like at the office.

Much the Same But Different

Most of my day revolves around the part of my role that I love the most – providing online training for you, our Best Practice users.  This can take one of several forms; a customised online remote training session, one of our new Online Group Training sessions, or a large group session as part of our Masterclass, or Be In The Know free webinar series.  Despite all of the changes that come with working from home, it is comforting to know that my ability to train has not been hampered. The exception, of course, being the previously mentioned sub-par coffee facilities.

It’s also been fascinating to see how the needs of customers have changed, but also remained the same throughout such a challenging time for the health sector. The new necessity of telehealth in the current landscape has provided plenty of opportunities to ideate on the most suitable workflows for receptionist and clinicians alike, as well as perspective-opening discussions on new billing strategies to support the remote consult experience. However much remains the same; job seekers are still getting in touch to upskill and give themselves a competitive edge.  Practices are still hiring new team members, and are looking to help them hit the ground running.  GPs are returning from retirement, opening new clinics with the vision of exclusively performing telehealth consultations to relieve some of the burden on their fellow doctors.  Even long-time users of Best Practice Software are getting in touch to learn a few tips and tricks to maximise their efficiency in such a fast-paced and busy time.

So while much has changed about my working conditions and the flavor of questions that I help to answer, ultimately there is still a sense of normalcy in the broad range of online training needs that I can assist with each day.

The Afternoon Wrap-up

Finally, as the caffeine starts to wear thin, and my afternoon draws to a close, it’s time to follow up with the day’s customers and close the loop.  Every remote training session includes a video recording, so these are shared with the customer and any lingering questions are answered via email.  After one last peek at the inbound training team email inbox, I close the lid of my PC, and get ready to repeat it all over again tomorrow.

The dog can finally have the chair to himself.

Authored by:

Rebecca Bland
Training and Deployment Specialist at Best Practice Software

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