NASH Certificates – It’s Time to Renew!

National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) Certificates are issued by Services Australia to your Practice to securely access and share information using digital health systems.  NASH Certificates for many practices in Australia will expire on or before 13th March 2022 as Services Australia upgrade the certificate security.

What Purpose do NASH Certificates Serve?

In your Best Practice Software product, your NASH Certificate is used to support the following functions:

  • My Health Record
  • Electronic Prescribing with eRx
  • Healthcare Identifiers (HI) service for both eligibility and validation checks

These certificates expire every two years, and a current NASH certificate is required to continue to use the functions listed above. Previously, the HI Service, and eRx both used your Practice’s Medicare Site Certificate for these secure communications instead, however both services now require the use of your NASH certificate.

Updating Your NASH Certificate

If your certificate is due to expire on or before 13th March 2022, you can renew this now, there is no need to wait until the expiry date.  You can request and download a renewed NASH Certificate for your Practice through Healthcare Professions Online Services (HPOS), and install this into your software. Doing so ensures that My Health Record, prescribing with eRx, and HI lookups will continue to function in your Practice without interruption.

To request an updated NASH Certificate, your practice’s nominated Organisation Maintenance Officer needs to log onto the HPOS portal through your practice’s PRODA account and request an updated certificate.  The Australian Digital Health Agency have provided several resources to assist with requesting your new Certificate, including:

Once you have renewed your NASH Certificate, you can then install this into your software to continue your access to My Health Record, prescribing with eRx, and the HI service. 

Need Extra Assistance?

Not sure what to do in your software? Help is available on our Knowledge Base! Simply log in to your software, open the ‘Help’ menu, and click ‘Online’ to be taken to the relevant Knowledge Base to find step-by-step instructions to guide you through this process. As always, the Bp Support team are here to help as well, and you can contact us on 1300 401 111 for assistance.

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