My Health Record in Bp – A Preview of Upcoming Enhancements

Our newest exciting release for Bp – Topaz – is nearly ready to be released. It is currently undergoing a stringent beta testing process to ensure the new My Health Record enhancements are functioning correctly.

My Health Record in Bp has been available for a number of years, however new functionality will make it easier for your clinic to view, download and upload patient clinical information.

You will be able to view uploaded letters, shared health summaries, prescription and dispensing records, pathology and diagnostic imaging overviews for your patients if they have opted in to My Health Record and they have given other providers their consent to share their clinical information.

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Similarly for you as a health provider, if your patients consent to the uploading of information to My Health Record, you will be able to upload your specialist letters through My Health Record, and prescribing records using the eRx gateway.

If your clinic is wanting to access My Health Record in Bp, please contact Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) to apply for the new NASH PKI certificate. This will give you access to both My Health Record, the Online Provider Directory and Secure Messaging, if you use HealthLink as your Secure Messaging Provider.

Topaz also introduces new functionality to save images externally to the Bp database on SQL. This functionality is already in place for sites who have been transitioned to Bp from 2016. You can still view, import and attach images (including incoming scanned documents) as you are currently able to do, but an external image folder ensures the growth rate of your database is reduced significantly. 

It is imperative that you engage your IT personnel to ensure you are following all pre-enablement steps included in the new Knowledge Base article ‘Transfer Images from Database’. This article will be available with the release of Bp Topaz. Search the Knowledge Base for ‘Images Folder’ for assistance in setting up the folder where images will be stored going forward.

We look forward to releasing Topaz shortly and offering you these exciting My Health Record integration enhancements that come with it.

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Johanna Monson
Training and Deployment Specialist at Best Practice Software

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