Saffron SP3 & Medicare Web Services Have Arrived!

In recent times, Medicare Web Services and the requirement for your practice to transition to this new technology within your software has certainly been a very popular topic of discussion.  Team Bp are very excited to have recently released our newest version of Bp Premier, Saffron SP3 containing some exciting new features, and most importantly, bringing all of the functionality required for your practice to be fully compliant with, and connected to Medicare Web Services technology to continue your connection to functions like Medicare Claiming, and the Australian Immunisation Register in Bp Premier.

It is critical that you are aware that your practice has until Sunday June 19th 2022 to install your upgrade to Saffron SP3, and complete your connection to Medicare Web Services via PRODA. This date is sure to approach rapidly, so if your practice has not yet installed Saffron SP3 it is vital that you plan now for your practice to do so as soon as possible.  If you’re not sure where to start, the best place to begin is our Enablement Material for Medicare Web Services page – here you can follow all the steps to get your PRODA account in order to be fully prepared for your upgrade.

What functions in Bp Premier rely on Medicare Web Services? These are:

  • Medicare Bulk Bill Claiming, and private Patient Claiming functionality
  • Patient eligibility verifications for Medicare and DVA
  • The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) for transmitting patient vaccination data.

If your practice has not completed your upgrade to Saffron SP3 before June 19th, you will be impacted significantly, and be unable to access any of the functions listed in Bp Premier – this means not being able to verify patient eligibility, not being able to transmit AIR notifications, and also no ability to for Medicare to receive payment claims from your practice.

Medicare Web Services is certainly an essential reason for you to complete your upgrade, but Saffron SP3 also contains some very exciting new features alongside this critical change. In Saffron SP3, there is brand new AIR functionality built directly into the patient record, new cancer screening preventative health warnings, new Medicare claiming functionality, and more! You can find all of the information available on our Knowledge Base (click ‘Help’ then ‘Online’ in Bp Premier to access), or watch our free Masterclass webinar that was recently held here.

In summary, what are the key points that you need to be aware of in relation to Medicare Web Services?

  • You must upgrade to Bp Premier Saffron SP3 by Sunday June 19th 2022
  • If you haven’t upgrade by June 19th, you’ll be unable to access any Medicare and AIR functions in Bp Premier
  • Saffron SP3 also contains exciting new features, like AIR access directly within the patient record
  • Access our Knowledge Base for step-by-step instructions on all things Medicare Web Services, and to see the full list of new features.
    • If you haven’t visited the Knowledge Base before, click ‘Help’, then ‘Online’ from within Bp Premier to head directly there.

As always, help is available! If you need assistance with anything related to Saffron SP3, Medicare Web Services, or any other enquiries, our Support team are available via phone or email, so please get in touch!

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