A Masterclass in Electronic Prescribing

Yes! Electronic Prescribing is nearly here!

For those who may not be aware, the Australian Government has fast-tracked ePrescribing legislation in an effort to assist Practices and patients with quickly and safely receiving prescription medication, and without exposing either party to unnecessary risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best Practice Software is excited to be a part of the electronic prescribing revolution. In fact, the first electronic prescription issued in Australia was processed through Bp Premier!

However, a lot of people are asking us all sorts of questions around the implementation of electronic prescribing, and what they need to do or know in order to be prepared for the rollout.

If you count yourself among those unsure of what to do, don’t worry. Our Bp Learning team has put together an incredibly valuable, FREE Masterclass webinar focused on the Bp Premier JADE SP3 update, which includes electronic prescribing functionality.

What Will be Covered in the Electronic Prescribing Masterclass Webinar?

Great question! Firstly, two guest presenters from the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) will be introducing electronic prescribing, and will cover answers to common asked questions such as:
  • What is electronic prescribing?
  • What is a token, and what does it look like?
  • How does a patient receive a token?
  • How does a patient get their medication?
  • What if the patient loses their token?

Following on from that, our expert trainers will take you through how to use the eScript functionality in Bp Premier. This is a must see if you would like to know more about:

  • How to enable and configure your system
  • The costs involved
  • Patient consent requirements
  • How to generate an eScript
  • What to do if a patient loses the token
  • What to do if the token is sent to an incorrect mobile number or email
  • How to cancel an eScript
  • Turning on electronic prescriptions in Bp Premier

Finally, we invite you to stay on at the end when we open the floor to your questions.

But wait, there’s more! We’ll also be covering some handy resources that you can use to educate your Practice staff and patients about electronic prescribing. If you’d like to take a look at some of these resources early, we’ve provided some links below for you:

A video of the recorded Masterclass Webinar is available above.

Video: ePrescribing Q & A for Patients

We encourage Practices to share this video with patients and staff, to help them understand the benefits of ePrescribing.

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