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How Best Practice Software is Handling COVID-19

At Best Practice Software, we are closely monitoring the current and emerging impact of the COVID-19 virus globally and here in Australia. There is substantial concern about the potential impact to the health and wellbeing of Australian residents, but also the impact on our customers alike.

With the rapidly evolving status of the virus, we understand that there is increasing uncertainty in both personal and professional environments. Because of this, we wanted to reach out to you to communicate the actions we, at Best Practice Software, are taking to ensure smooth operations and non-impacted continuity and quality of service.

Uninterrupted Service: Rest assured, you will continue to receive the same high level service from our team.

Implementation of Remote Working: All staff across our Hamilton NZ, Brisbane, Bundaberg and Sydney offices have commenced working from home. Our team environment is mobile and flexible to operate at maximum efficiency on a remote working basis (many of our staff already work remotely). We envision this will have no impact on operational efficiency.

Travel Restrictions: We are cancelling all work-related travel and have advised against any unnecessary personal travel.

We know that recent events are likely impacting your business/Practice also, and hope the impact will be as minimal as possible. We will keep you aware of any further decisions or adjustments and, as always, thank you for your business.

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