EmailTemplate: Bp SMS – Activation Key for SMS Registration – BPS-XXXXX

Dear {First Name(Contact (Contact))},

Thank you for subscribing to Bp SMS.

You have purchased{Credit Count(Comms Product (Product))}  credits.

(Plus {SMS bonus credits(Opportunity)} free promotional credits with the purchase of your first pack)

Your payment has been successfully received and processed.

Please find below your SMS activation key and registration details.

Best Practice Site ID: {Replaced Text(get the site ID without the preceding BPS)}

Credit Code:  {Licence Key Formatted(Opportunity)}

Username: {SMS Id(Opportunity)} 

For information on how to activate Bp SMS please Click Here and select your relevant software to view complete instructions.

Note – Applies to Bp Allied Customers Only (Not for Bp Premier or BP VIP.net customers)

Interested in Automated Reminders or Replies into Bp Allied?

Hosted users of Bp Allied, please click here to submit your details to our Support Team for setup.

Non-Hosted customers, please click here to read details on set up of the Bp Allied Scheduler.

If we can assist further, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 401 111 or email at sales@bpsoftware.net.

Kind Regards

Best Practice Sales Team