Email Template: Best Health App – Service Agreement


Thank you for your interest in the Best Health App. 

Please find attached the Best Health App agreement. Please note, if you have more than one location you will need to fill out an agreement for each location. 

Please read the agreement carefully, sign it and return it via emailas soon as possible, so we can process your application. 

Once we have received your agreement, we will issue an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, we will post you the Best Health App Welcome Pack which is full of enablement, training and marketing materials. 

In the meantime, you can start preparing by upgrading to Bp Premier Jade release, unless you’re already on this version, and by reading and sharing the resources below with your team: 

With the launch of our Best Health App, we’re introducing Bp Comms.  You will be able to purchase Bp Comms packs which you can use for SMS and/or app messages.  You can read more about it here 

Please contact our Sales team on 1300 401 111 or email if we can be of further assistance. 

We look forward to bringing you a new era in patient communications with the Best Heath App. 

Kind regards  

Best Practice Software Sales team  


Sales Team
Bundaberg Brisbane | Sydney | Hamilton
Australia: 1300 40 1111 New Zealand: 0800 40 1111