Bp Premier Orchid –

For a full list of changes please refer to the Orchid Release notes.

Before you perform the Program Update:

  • Medicare Web Services are enabled in Orchid for Online Patient Verification, AIR and Online Claiming via PRODA. Before you can configure your connection with PRODA, you must:
  • You must upload all prior immunisation records to the AIR before upgrading to Orchid.
  • Please ensure you have read the Bp Premier Upgrade Guide prior to proceeding with the upgrade. It is important to note that upgrades should be completed outside of business hours (with no users connected).
  •  For Clinics using Best Practice version please refer to the Orchid Upgrade Guide.
  •  Ensure you are using Best Practice version or higher and the Latest Data Update has been applied
  •  NET Framework 4.8

NOTE:  If .NET 4.7 is not already installed on your Server, it will get installed as part of the Program Update and a reboot will be required, therefore the update cannot be performed while Bp Premier is in use.

The Orchid release of Bp Premier is dependent on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7+. The installation cannot proceed without the Microsoft system requirements for this version. If the minimum requirements are not met, please refer to ‘Microsoft Update Catalog’ 4019990 or, apply the latest Windows updates from Microsoft or, speak to your IT provider before trying again.


If you are unfamiliar with applying Bp Premier updates, the following Knowledge base article explains how to download an update from this site.

Please see the links below for further guidance:

Orchid System Requirements

Orchid Upgrade Guide

Whats New In Orchid


IMPORTANT: This update will need to update the database tables used by the program. Best Practice Software recommends updating the server outside of business hours. After applying to the server, the upgrade can then be applied to each workstation, this workstation update should only take a few minutes. Due to new features released in the Indigo update it is a requirement that any sites using Management update all clients immediately as Management functions will be disabled in previous versions that connect to a Saffron server install.

After upgrading, the Setup Third-Party Integrations screen will prompt you to enable the specific partner role for any third-party database integrations that your practice uses.  You must enable integrations from this screen; all legacy integrations will be disabled after upgrading to Saffron.

Please note: If the file does not download immediately, please right-click the Download button and click Save link as.