Enhanced eOrdering – Available Now in Saffron SP1!

Saffron SP1 was released in early June and has some exciting new features! Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology eOrdering has been updated, and what users will see has changed as they request a pathology or diagnostic imaging service with one of our onboarded partners.

What is eOrdering?

An eOrder (or electronic request) is the digital version of a request for pathology or diagnostic imaging services. The HL7 message is generated using your Bp Premier software, then encrypted and delivered safely and securely to your nominated addressee using a secure messaging provider.

What Has Changed?

From Saffron SP1 there is a new streamlined process for configuring pathology and diagnostic imaging providers in Bp Premier. The new eOrdering setup screen includes all functionality required to set up and configure eOrdering providers for pathology and imaging, combining functionality found under Setup > Preferences > Pathology and Imaging and View > Contacts.

See Set up Pathology E-Ordering in Saffron SP1 and Set up Imaging E-Ordering in Saffron SP1 for more information. These are available on our Knowledge Base which can be accessed by clicking Help, then Online from within Bp Premier.

Doctors will see the pathology and diagnostic imaging partner’s logo and up-to-date contact details during the service request workflow, making getting in touch when needed a quick and easy process.

Pathology partners will now supply test lists, which will be kept up-to-date through our monthly data update process. Having a pathology provider supplied test list will ensure that a doctor is not only requesting a test that is offered by their selected pathology provider, but that the terminology is consistent between the Practice and provider processes and systems. In addition, recommended tests will be provided, saving doctors time as they will be able to quickly and easily add the recommended tests for a given medical condition or query.

Our imaging partners will now supply their printed request layout coordinates, again saving Practices time as this used to be a time-consuming manual process. Also, the printed request will now include a barcode so that the service request can be quickly selected on the provider’s system upon the patient arrival.

Training materials, designed to help you get the most out of Saffron SP1’s newest features, can be found in the ‘What’s New’ section of our Bp Premier Knowledge Base, and available to access around the clock. You can access the Knowledge Base from Bp Premier at any time by clicking Help, then Online, then searching for What’s New in Saffron SP1 article to see all of the new additions in this release.

What Are the Benefits of Using Enhanced eOrdering?

As the receiving pathology or diagnostic imaging provider has the eOrder sent to them securely and directly, there is no need for them to request and enter the patient’s data into their system once the patient arrives. eOrders mitigate the risk of error and provide the best possible experience for the patient.

In fact, using electronic requests can provide benefits to the requesting doctor, receiving pathology or diagnostic imaging service provider, patient and Practice!

They include:

  • The highest level of clinical safety and data integrity
  • Workflow efficiencies that are intuitive, save time and reduce errors
  • Confidence in the privacy and security of transmitted patient data
  • A single channel through which requests and results are sent or received

To help Bp Premier users understand the value eOrdering may introduce to your Practice, you can view our short video below on eOrdering: Benefits for Your Practice

Does My Patient Still Have Choice?

Of course! The patient can still decide to take the printed request to a provider of their choice. It is commonplace for diagnostic imaging and pathology providers to accept all referrals.

How Do I Get Involved?

Several diagnostic imaging pathology providers have already joined the Bp Partner Network! We recommend contacting them directly to start discussing the implementation of eOrdering at your Practice.

To view an up-to-date list of these partners, please visit the Bp Partner Network page on the Bp Software website.

Authored by:

Monica Reed Author Image for Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology eOrdering

Monica Reed
Commercial Partnership Leader at Best Practice Software

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