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Save Time In Your Day with Default MBS Items

Depending on the type of practice you’re working in, you might find that you’re often billing the same MBS item over and over again.

If this is the case, you will likely benefit from setting up default MBS items for your practitioners. Setting up default MBS items can save precious time when searching for the correct MBS item to bill at the end of a consult.

For example, perhaps you are regularly performing telephone consultations, and are finding yourself having to manually add the correct item number at the end of each and every consult.

Default MBS items are easy to set up and can be customised for each practitioner. Simply navigate to Setup > Users, select the practitioner who you wish to add a default MBS item for and click Edit.

Add the MBS item you wish to use by default to the Default Item no: field on the right-hand side of the screen and click Save.

Next, you will need to enable the default MBS item number. Select Setup > Preferences, and make sure the practitioner whose default MBS item number you wish to enable is selected from the User name: field at the top of the screen.

Tick Use the default MBS item in the Finalise window and click Save and close.

The next time the provider finalises a visit in the patient record, the default MBS item will appear under Items to bill. If the provider needs to select a different MBS item number for a consult, they can easily overwrite the default item number with a new one.

Default MBS Items screenshot

If your consults don’t necessarily require the same MBS item, an alternative option is to have Bp Premier calculate the MBS item required based on the visit length. This option can again save time searching for MBS items when finalising a consult.

To set automatically calculated MBS items, select Setup > Preferences, again making sure that the correct practitioner is selected. Tick Calculate the MBS item in the finalise window and click Save and close.

The next time the provider selects Finalise visit in the patient record, the calculated MBS item will appear under Items to bill.

For more information, be sure to access our Knowledge Base for detailed instructions.

Simply open the Help menu from within Bp Premier, and click Online, and search for ‘default item’. Our team of Training Specialists are also here to support you with timesaving tips and tricks just like this one. You can find out more, or get in touch with us at our website.

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