A Day in the Life of a Commercial Partnership Specialist

Things have changed just a bit since working from home as a Commercial Partnership Specialist. The morning commute has been replaced by a short walk to my desk. Not surprisingly, my caffeine intake has skyrocketed.

Providing Partner Support as a Commercial Partnership Specialist

Each morning after logging in and greeting the Commercial Partnerships team, I go through my emails and the to-do list. A usual day would be spent working through Partner Support cases that come through our CRM dashboard and any calls that filter down our line.  I check on the dashboard throughout the day for cases from Partners requiring assistance with their integration with Bp products.

Being a (slight) perfectionist, there is always the constant battle to keep the partner cases in our queue to an absolute minimum, if not completely clear. When I hit the refresh button, the suspense is palpable. I’ve turned it into something of a game.

It can be a challenging but rewarding experience to assist our partners in resolving technical issues. Through working on different cases I have found myself exploring and learning more about Bp and healthcare overall. It has been great to learn from the team at Bp too, the experience of those around me is invaluable, and not in short supply.

Tech Reviews

In between handling partner support cases, I also conduct technical reviews with Bp Partnership applicants. As part of applying to join the Bp Partner Network, a technical review is performed to understand the applicant’s product. This includes their use cases and the access they require to different Bp products.

It’s an interesting experience to see what ideas businesses and Practices are generating. Not only are our technical reviews trying to determine whether an idea has value to a Practice, but also how these ideas positively impact the lives and wellbeing of patients. The information gathered from technical reviews are collated and a committee review is conducted at the end of each month where current and new applicants are presented for approval.

It helps to possess a reasonable amount of technical knowledge as a Commercial Partnership Specialist – being able to fully understand what each business or Practice is trying to achieve is crucial to accurately reviewing their applications.

…and More

To spice things up, the Commercial team has an endless array of projects that change things up from my usual support role. One week I could be calling our sites and creating email communications and videos as part of the Safescript roll out in Victoria. The next week I’m launched into helping with ePrescribing compliance testing, and assisting pilot sites with new versions to prescribe their first eScripts.

Filling the role of Commercial Partnership Specialist has provided a great amount of exposure in how the technical and commercial aspects of Bp intercept and work together.

The sound of the neighbourhood kids running around outside indicates that it’s time to start winding down. I look to wrap up jobs on that to-do list and check the calendar for what lies ahead tomorrow. And then it’s time to call it a day.

Actually, I might just check the CRM just one more time to make sure it’s clear.

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Aaron Lim
Commercial Partnership Specialist at Best Practice Software

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