Bp VIP.net Ruby SP3 – Take a Peek at What’s Inside!

Exciting news – Bp VIP.net Ruby SP3 is now available for download!

Some of you may have attended the Masterclass for Bp VIP.net’s Ruby SP3 update in August, which showcased the Online Provider Directory for Secure Messaging. That release was unfortunately delayed due to the imminent release of Active Ingredient Prescribing functionality, which in turn was also delayed due to the release of the compliant MIMS version.

We’re now excited to be able to release both of these great new features simultaneously, and we have a range of fantastic resources to ensure you’re able to educate and prepare yourself, and your staff, prior to the release. We’ve also included Quick Reference Guides to help you when you upgrade to Bp VIP.net Ruby SP3.

Prior to upgrading to Bp VIP.net Ruby SP3, ensure you download the most up-to-date version of MIMS from Live Update. This will ensure that all the medications are updated and compliant with the Active Ingredient Prescribing functionality.

Meanwhile – take some time to familiarise yourself with features outlined in our Masterclass video on Secure Messaging, and our pre-release video on Active Ingredient Prescribing at the end of this article.

A range of Quick Reference Guides are available on the Bp VIP.net Knowledge Base, accessible from within Bp VIP.net. In addition, we’ve uploaded a number of invaluable articles on useful topics such as Active Ingredient Prescribing, installing your new NASH certificate, configuring your Bp VIP.net database and using the Online Provider Directory.

All of these guides and articles can be accessed in the Knowledge Base within Bp VIP.net by selecting Help > Online.


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