Stay Secure With Bp Password Updates in Ruby SP3

In a 2019 study conducted by Google, LastPass and OneLogin, a few alarming statistics were discovered:

  • 51% of people use the same passwords across work and personal accounts.
  • 57% of people who have had their security compromised don’t change their passwords.
  • ‘123456’, ‘iloveyou’ and ‘sunshine’ were among some of the most popular passwords used.

Passwords can be a simple and effective security method when used correctly, and are often the first line of defence when protecting Practices and their data. However, as we can see in the statistics above – we’re not always as diligent as we should be when choosing and managing our passwords.

In our new Ruby SP3 release, a password functionality update is front and centre, enabling you to impose stricter measures around password requirements, and retain more control when controlling who can log into Bp

These settings can be configured for all clinical users at once, enabling you to increase security around logging-in to Bp

The new Password Policy tab has been added to the Facility Preferences.

  • To access, click Set Up > Facility Preferences > General Preferences
  • Click on the Password Policy tab at the end.

The new settings will enable you to:

  • Set rules around password complexity, such as a minimum length and the inclusion of symbols.
  • Set a maximum number of login attempts.
  • Enforce users to change their password after a defined period.
  • Enforce an automatic logout period when a user login in Bp becomes inactive.

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We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the full set of Bp Ruby SP3 release notes, to confirm you are completing all required tasks prior to running the update – which includes this new password functionality.

The Bp Ruby Sp3 release notes are available on our knowledge base, which you can reach from within Bp by selecting Help > Online.

In addition, you can read about other functionality being included in the Bp Ruby SP3 update here.

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