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It sounds crazy, but some of our Bp Premier, Bp, and Bp Allied users may not know that each of our products has an extensive, up-to-date online Knowledge Base that’s completely free to access! In Bp Premier and Bp VIP.Net, select Help > Online from the menu to go straight to the Bp Knowledge Base for your product version. Bp Allied users can click the Help icon from the Help tab.

The Bp Knowledge Base contains how-to guides, setup tips, and troubleshooting information on a range of topics like COVID patient management, billing, claiming, My Health Record, reports for provider disbursement, and clinical notes and tools.

Below is a short video we’ve created to quickly walk you through everything that our Knowledge Bases offer.

While new users will find our how-to articles useful for getting to know the software, our Knowledge Base articles cover every level of expertise, and every category of user from front desk staff, to healthcare providers, to your Practice’s IT support – who might be the ones that handle your upgrades and database integrations.

Bp Knowledge Base Articles are Updated Every Month

The Bp Knowledge Base features new articles added every month in response to changes in the healthcare environment and direct enquiries from our Bp product users. We’re also constantly improving the way we present our information.

As an example, the online claiming space has undergone a few changes since our first online claiming articles back in 2016, so we’ve completely restructured our claiming guidance into three channel-based walkthroughs:

  • Online claiming for Direct Bill Batching
  • Online claiming for Patient Claiming
  • Online claiming with Tyro and EasyClaim

These ‘walkthrough’ articles are ideal for new users and outline major software functions – from initial configuration, to troubleshooting in several easy steps. New articles are always marked as such on the home page of our Bp Knowledge Base.

Taking Your Feedback On Board

Have you tried using the Bp Knowledge Base and couldn’t find what you were looking for? Had a question you can’t find the answer for?

We encourage you to use the feedback box that appears at the end of every Knowledge Base article for Bp Premier and Bp Just let us know what you couldn’t find, and the documentation team will address your query and update an article or create a new one.

Knowledge Base Testimonials

Here are some of the great things our users have had to say about the Bp Knowledge Base:

“Good, easy to read instructions with photos!”

“Great summary!”

“Very helpful. We had been processing our adjustments and reversals incorrectly, which caused us many problems.”

“Well documented, informative, leaves the end user more aware of Bp software capabilities!”

“This is a very good article and it should help me keep my copy of Best Practice active.”

“The images, the detail, key words are bold, exact words are highlighted, layout is brilliant. Clear and easy to understand!”

“Thankyou, I would never have found this function otherwise.”

“Love the upgrade – A helpful clear article.”

“Simple to understand and follow.”

“Clear and concise. I hate reading extensive system requirements!”

“Clearcut explanation with ease of understanding.”

“Easy to follow, and it worked!”

“Easy to understand format and steps outlined well in the pictures.”

“It actually worked! My previous battles with IT have saddened me.”

We make every effort to ensure that the Bp Knowledge Base is the best that it can be for our users, and our technical writers love feedback. If you would like to provide a comment or assist with anything Bp Knowledge Base related, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Authored by:

Jay Rose - Bp Software

Jay Rose
Technical Writer at Best Practice Software

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