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The current climate has turned front desk operations at general practices into one of the most challenging jobs with reception staff, indeed the front line workers, having to deal with increased pressures including and not limited to face-to-face appointments having to be switched to telehealth at a moment’s notice, doctors intermittently working offsite, dealing with outstanding accounts caused by the change in physical patient interaction and ever-changing appointment pre-screening – not to mention the upheaval of vaccine management with its influx of new patient registrations, consent forms, waiting lists for patients, changing criteria and late stock arrivals… and then there is still the  business as usual to be taken care of.

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During these times its more important than ever to have a comprehensive, reliable suite of tools working 24/7 in the background to not only alleviate pressures, but enhance operations for the benefit of staff retention, patient experience and the practice’s bottom line.  AutoMed has a comprehensive suite of tools to assist with these very real issues facing general practices.

AutoMed’s unique booking interface allows certain appointment types to be restricted to specific session colours in Bp Premier, making the allocation of either F2F or telehealth sessions extremely easy to manage. The ability to book multiple appointments per slot has also become immensely valuable for ensuring uniform patient arrival times for vaccination clinics and indeed the correct patient to vaccine vial ratio. The additional functionality that allows the booking of up to 4 additional resources alongside the practitioner makes easy work of automating the most complex of appointment setups. 6 patients per half hour, in the Doctor’s lilac session, along with the Practice Nurse, in the Treatment Room  = Done!

Ensuring patients return to the practice for their 2nd Covid-19 vaccination has been an additional stressor for clinics, with patients either calling the practice to confirm bookings, or shopping around. AutoMed’s Auto-Dose 2 booking alleviates the pressure for the front desk, assists with session planning and is more likely to secure the patient’s return.

Digitising New Patient Registration forms and customisable, appointment specific Consent Forms has never been more valuable, and AutoMed has this covered with fully interactive digital consent forms (This is not just for Covid-19 bookings. Try it for your skin checks, or anything else really). The customisable consent forms are presented at the time of online bookings or sent via a text message when booked by reception via the Caller ID function. The secure links can also be included in Appointment Reminders. And the real beauty lies within the fact that forms save directly back to the patient’s file in Bp Premier. The entire system is based on, and uses, the appointment types that you configure in Bp Premier. AutoMed handles the Bp Premier database as the single source of data – no data is replicated outside of your Bp Premier database.

Effective time allocation has become of the essence, and we acknowledged that more could be done to assist practices with a snapshot of their appointment book to assist with proactive, rather than reactive, management. The newly released Appointment Book Audit utility in AutoMed’s dashboard is life changing for reception staff and practice managers and will become the next must-have in general practice.

There are currently 6 utility functions available:

  • Generic – shows an overview of the appointment book for any future date range. This is typically used to get a quick overview of the status of the linked eCommerce billing, missing data, TH where patients didn’t attend in the past 12 months and so on.
  • Payment Report – shows all appointment types with linked eCommerce tokens, due to be processed.
  • New Patient Report – this is where things start to get exciting! This report contains a list of all new patients due to come in, with the status of their patient registration form as well as the ability to send a text with a link, requesting the patient to complete it. All demographic data is written back to BP in real-time; with the clinical data being stored in Correspondence In, ready for the doctor to review.
  • Consent Report – this report lists all appointments that have a consent form required, with a status if it was signed, quick access to the actual document with a print function, as well as the ability to send a link on the fly to patients.
  • Missing Key Data Report – struggling with your PiPQi score? This utility will change this quickly for your practice. All patients with missing data are listed with the ability to send a link to those patients requesting the data prior to the consult.
  • Telehealth Only – the final report lists all the telehealth appointments and includes the linked eCommerce token and last face-to-face visit date, enabling clinics to review the appointments some days before the actual consult, and also to create or resend AutoMed’s built-in Video Consult links.

To learn more, register and join AutoMed’s Webinar on Thursday 28 October at 4pm Sydney time, and work through the latest features designed to transform your practice’s front desk operations.

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